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By Santo Artusa on January 17, 2019

Can I mediate a divorce case in New Jersey? If I can how do I do so? 

In actuality, you can mediate any dispute you may have and you can do formally through a lawyer, or informally such as a community leader and so forth depending on the nature of the dispute. The right lawyer is more equipped to mediate a legal dispute such as a divorce while a community leader is more equipped to handle family disputes (non-legal) such as father/son issues, issues between neighbors among others. In a divorce, a Judge does not decide the issues in your case until further down the road and if that Judge does decide the issues, he or she will be doing so with hundreds if not thousands of other cases. The Judge, like everyone else, can only pay attention to each issue for so long and when a Judge has so many cases, he or she cannot give his or her undivided attention because there are only 8 hours to a Judge's on the bench (in court) in a day. On the flip side, a divorce mediator is able to set time aside to get to know the parties, to understand the legal issues between the parties and take the time required to make an informed decision. Mediation does not start and end in one day (usually) and again this is fact specific which would give a mediator a better understanding of what is at stake, which issues should be dealt with head on and what should be dealt with later. Sometimes a mediator can help resolve all issues and other times the mediator can only resolve some of the issues. New Jersey Divorce Mediator Santo V. Artusa, Jr., Esq. is skilled in divorce and family law mediation. Mr. Artusa has been selected to the prominent publication Best Lawyers in the United States for mediation and other publications for Family Law. 

How much does divorce mediation cost? 

The cost for Divorce Mediation depends on how many issues are in dispute, how willing each party is to resolve the case, how complex the issues the parties have are. so while the Artusa Law Firm does have some flat fee packages that include a certain number of meetings and hours to review documents and meet with clients, many cases require more than 1-3 meeting to reach a resolution for the case which then needs to be typed up and signed by the parties that can be used in family court for the divorce. 

How long does it take?

Again it depends but it is much faster than having a trial in the Superior Court which is backlogged and the court requires many apperances and requirements to even have a court date, let alone a trial date. Mediation can be done in one visit or in 3-5 visits within one month if all the parties are able to do so. 

How can we begin mediation?

In order to begin, you should call the Artusa Law Firm office in Jersey City to setup a consultation (mediation consultation is $250) and then the mediator can determine what is needed to proceed, the costs involved and then a date can be set to start the first mediation session in the Jersey City office. We do provide parking for our mediation clients. 

If you are ready to proceed, contact the Artusa Legal Team on 973-337-9643. 

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