Divorce Reality:The Power of Saying Sorry in a Divorce Case

By Santo Artusa on January 23, 2019

As an experienced divorce lawyer in New Jersey, like many divorce attorneys throughout the world, we see the emotional rollercoasters clients go through when they are going through a divorce. Many times in initial divorce consultations, a potential client wants to know how fast can they get the divorce over with or the simplest way to do it. Other clients want to slow the case down in the hope of gaining the love of their spouse again, others try to seek revenge and seek to harm the otherside in some way I do not suggest. Some of the harm (financial) is a harm to one party at times and that harm is up to the Judge as to how much to pay or paying less than you pay now, etc. I do not advocate to inflct pain on anyone but I do advocate for what my client should have and what my client can live with for the next chapter of his or her life.

I have seen my clients go from totally upset and mad, to become much calmer after a heart to heart talk and being sincer during a divorce case. The other person on the otherside of the able or courtroom was once the most important person or one of them in your life. Rising tensions will not help anyone involved in the case. Your kids (if applicable) will not appreciate more tension than they alrady feel and witness. If you own assets together, help each other with the assets, etc, you should try your best to move on in a positive state of mind because you may still have to work together in the future if you have children and so forth. If you have children together, the worst thing that can happen to you if you do not improve your communication with the mother or father is not seeing your kids, frequest court dates, tension, fighting, arguments, alienation and so on. So it is never to early to try and be civil with each other because there is a good chance you will always be linked forever. With the right attorney and support system, you can get over this difficult time in your life and obtain what is fair and equitable in the New Jersey divorce courts.

My team and I are experienced in complex divorce and family law matters in New Jersey whether that involves: shared parenting, joint custody, residential custody, alimony, small businesses, child support, the division of assets, parenting time and other important family law issues. We have helped countless clients in helping them reach their case goals and helping them get to the next phase of their lives. If you have a divorce or family law case in New Jersey, contact my team and I in our Jersey City office on 973-337-9643.


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