How long does a divorce take in New Jersey Family Court?

By Santo Artusa on March 08, 2019

One of the most frequent questions I receive over the phone or in person is how fast can I be divorced? Sometimes people have met someone else and they want to move on. Others want to rio the band aid so to speak and get the pain of a divorce over with quickly, very quickly. I am Santo V. Artusa, Jr and I am a divorce and family law attorney in Jersey City, New Jersey that practices statewide for a wide variety of cases. 

The length of time a divorce case can be completed in New Jersey vary widely from 30 days to well over a year. If the parties agree on every aspect of the case and sign the necessary papers you can be before a family court judge within 30 days. In some counties we can have you divorced without ever going to court in 45-90 days. The faster both parties agree to terms or have no issues to fight over, the case will be done fast. If issues such as child custody, parenting time, alimony and divided assets are not resolved the case can take 6 months to over one year in most cases. I have completed these cases fast wehn going to mediation quickly after completing discovery so that the parties know all aspects of the finances that each party may have in their own names and not together. Some parties waive discovery but this is not advised and highly risky. The more knowledge you have, the more of an informed decision you can make, and that is the best decision you can make, an informed one.

While it may be your goal to have your case completed quickly and we can help you do that, it is our job to hlep you to understand what you should seek or understand what you may be waiving in certain circumstances and the importance of understanding all terms in a marital settlement agreement and so forth. Once an agreement is signed, it is very hard to undo the agreement and it is not something you can plan on. You have to plan to sign an agreement you can live with and honor. If you have a divorce case or family law matter in New Jersey and seek professional representation for an uncontested or contested case in New Jersey, my team and I can help you navgate the sometime difficult New Jersey Family Court system. We can be reached on 973-337-9643 to discuss your situation in full confidence.

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