Adultery-Why People Want To File For Divorce in New Jersey

Did you know that cheating/adultery/infidelity is not the number one reason for divorces in the United States but is among the tope reasons? Did you know that when speaking to spouses that have been cheated on, they are very unhappy that their spouse cheated on them but they are more unhappy with other things. While cheating on your spouse is not a good thing, divorces happen for many reasons. Many people will give their spouse another chance or numerous chances if they sat down and spoke about it, what led to the cheating, what can be done differently by both parties, etc. In other cases, the adultery is the final straw that broke the camel's back and one party files for divorce, sometimes the person that cheated is the one that filed because that spouse is so unhappy. The Artusa Law Firm team is ready to help you file for divorce under the adultery cause of action in the State of New Jersey. Use our experience to help you obtain what you want in family court. Before we go further, if your spouse has cheated and or is having a long term affair, you can contact us on 973-337-9643 to make an appointment in our Jersey City office or over the phone to discuss your divorce options. The first step is always the hardest but if you know in your heart you cannot stay in the relationship, it is better to file sooner rather than later.

More and more people are stronger today than we give ourselves credit for and many people realize that a short term fling, while some may never agree, is not worth throwing everything you are your spouse, you and your family have together. For many, it is a life changing event that could lead to something better if dealt with the right way. While Hilary Clinton probably did not handle it right, I still think she and her family ended up better by staying with then President Clinton than if she left. That will remain open for debate but either way, before you come see me, make sure you are in fact ready to file for divorce and the life changes that await you.

Cheating is one of the biggest reasons people file for divorce throughout the world. Some people stay in the marriage when one cheats, others do not and file for divorce under adultery or other cause of action. As a divorce attorney, I do not advise people to file for divorce, I only explain what to expect in a divorce and what a Judge may do if the case went to trial. I am not a seller of divorce but an advocate for those who have already chosen to file for divorce or are about to. Staying in a marriage filled with lies and cheating can hurt you in the long run and in New Jersey, Judges do not care if someone cheated when it comes to asset allocation and/or alimony ( I know it is harsh but it is the law). 

I have experience in representing clients that are involved in marriages that end because of cheating on their spouse. While no case is truly easy, cases involving adultery can be emotionally charged and sometimes difficult for clients to handle. We work with clients to focus on their needs and the needs of their children if they are ready to file for divorce. We are clients trusted partner in the divorce process. It is not easy but when we create a strategy for you, it helps you understand where you are with your case and where we are going. A clear path helps people in divorce cases understand the process and try to ease their anxiety. 

The first step in getting over from what you have learned is to determine if you can deal with the cheating, if you can forgive, or if you want out. Only you can decide what is best for you, it is our job to educate you as to how divorces are handled and what to expect. 

If you are ready to file for divorce in New Jersey, contact our legal team for a strategy session in our Jersey City office on (201) 228-9815 today.