How Fast Can I Get A Divorce In Hudson County New Jersey

A person in New Jersey can have a divorce filed and completed fast-within 30 days if it is uncontested (with other variables to consider--Judge availability, How fast the staff processes paperwork, etc). If a divorce case is contested, the courts aim to litigate all issues within 12 months. Many individuals want to have the comfort of knowing that their divorce has been filed so that they can mentally begin to move on. While the filing does not mean the case will be completed quickly, it does get the case going and it begins the process where individuals feel that their is a light at the end of the tunnel. Our legal team is experienced in representing people in contested and uncontested divorces in every county in New Jersey. We can help you handle your divorce case from beginning to the end. We are experienced, contact us today on (201) 228-9815.

Our firm can assure clients that their divorce is filed within one day if they want to file that quickly. Some people want to wait to pull the divorce trigger will others want to wait until they feel there is a right time. While you can have a one day divorce (filing in one day), many cases are more complex and require special attention and a great deal of time. The legal team at the Artusa Law Firm is skilled in representing both men and women in the New Jersey Superior Courts. We can help you with child custody issues, parenting time, division of assets, alimony, child support and so forth. Family law is where our firm's experience is well known and where we feel the most comfortable in representing people.

We have successfully represented men in family court in divorce cases and other family law related matters. We have seen men accused of nonsense that cannot stick after we fight for our clients. We have represented men in restraining order cases where we have fought to win restraining order cases against men. We have also been successful in representing victims in restraining order cases in New Jersey. Domestic violence cases need to be taken seriously, and we take it very serious.  We take our representation very seriously as we were tired of seeing men and women represented by subpar attorneys or men who tried to represent themselves (never do that).

If you have been served divorce papers or you have filed or want to file for divorce and have it done quickly, contact the Artusa Law Firm team in our Jersey City office on (201) 228-9815 today. All appointments are confidential and covered by the New Jersey Rules of Professional Conduct.