Restraining Orders in New Jersey Family Court and Defending Them

In relationships, it is obvious that tensions run high when arguments occur between husband and wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc, etc. Sometimes these arguments or fights may rise to what is deemed domestic violence and one party may seek a final restraining order which can affect both of your lives forever as New Jersey restraining orders are in fact permanent. There are circumstances where a permanent order can be dismissed but that is for another time and it is not easy. As an experienced lawyer in New Jersey, I know how to handle restraining orders, simple assault, harassment, criminal mischief and the related criminal charges if applicable throughout New Jersey. If you are seeking a restraining order or need to defend against one, contact our team 24 hours a day and someone will get back to you shortly if we are not immediately available. Contact us on (201) 228-9815. We are experienced in working in Hudson County Superior Court before Judge Mainor, Judge Baber, Judge Mantineo, Judge Rodriguez, Judge Vito and know the different styles and approaches these judges use to help you with your case. While we can never guarantee anything except giving the case our best effort and attention, the more you know, the better chance you have in our opinion. We represent individuals throughout the state ranging from Hoboken, Jersey City, Millburn, Lodi, Saddle Brook, Montclair, Somerville, New Brunswick and beyond. 

Whether you seek protection through a temporary restraining order because of a divorce case and the fights are worsening, maybe a relationship went south and one side cannot leave you alone, harasses you, stalks you, etc. We can help. If you are a defendant in a restraining order or domestic violence case, we can help fight the charges you are facing and mitigate the issues at hand whether it is harassment, criminal mischief, assault, cyber harassment and other domestic violence related matters. We are experienced in domestic violence trials in New Jersey Family and Criminal Courts. Final restraining orders have serious consequences on individuals on many different levels ranging from immigration, gun rights, type of work/employment, ability to have joint custody/see your children, etc. Take a restraining order seriously. 

Some of the most critical aspects of obtaining or defending against a final restraining order is whether there is a history of domestic violence between the parties, the nature of the allegation at this time (the more severe the more likely a final restraining order can be issued but the allegation must be proven).  We prepare our clients for the final restraining order hearing and try to negotiate terms so that a civil restraint can be entered if needed because sometimes the risks of going for a final restraining order may be too much to risk your career, your immigration hopes and so on. We view the whole situation for the client to help the client understand what we believe is best for their particular situation. Whether you have a case in Jersey City-Hudson County, Essex County, Bergen County or beyond, we have the experience and track record to help you during difficult situations. Contact us today if you have a legal situation that requires immediate and professional representation in New Jersey on (201) 228-9815.