Keys to Being the Best Criminal Lawyer

Nothing shakes a person up like getting arrested and not knowing what will happen next. You can be arrested for getting into a fight and suddenly you are arrested for aggravated assault or assault, criminal mischief, a gun related charge and you then can face serious time in jail. When arrested, now more than ever it is critical to hire the best criminal lawyer for you in New Jersey. This article speaks of the key characteristics of the best criminal lawyers in Jersey City, New Jersey. 

1. Knowing the Law and the Elements Required to Prove a Case/Charge Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

2. Excellent Negotiator-You would be shocked of the plea deals one lawyer can get versus another lawyer that is not skilled in negotiation. 

3. A Great Criminal Lawyer needs extensive experience in practicing criminal litigation and litigation in general. 

4. Diligence. The Best Criminal Lawyers find the smallest detail that the State made an error on and with that, can win the criminal case. 

5. Persuasion. It is no surprise that the best criminal lawyers are persuasive. You constantly have to appeal to the Jury, the Judge and the Prosecutor.

6. Can Represent You Quickly. This is more important than ever in New Jersey because of bail reform and the possibility of remaining in jail if you lose the pretrial detention hearing in the Superior Court of New Jersey. 

While there are many critical skills the best criminal lawyers in New Jersey have, it is critical that you retain a criminal lawyer to represent you for your case immediately. Contact us today if you seek a criminal lawyer in Jersey City, Passaic or elsewhere in New Jersey on (201) 228-9815