Best Questions for the NJ Best Divorce and NJ Family Law Attorneys

If you get a chance to sit down with the best divorce attorney or divorce lawyers in New Jersey or elsewhere, you should have questions for them so that you can take advantage of their experience and foresight. As a Divorce Attorney in Hudson County, New Jersey when people come into my office I tend to guide the whole conversation but I'd rather not. I'd rather have a potential client with relevant questions for me and why they should choose me or another divorce lawyer in New Jersey. For example, if a potential client comes in and seeks to prevent parenting time no matter what, I am not interested. If a potential client comes in to try and save $30 per week in child support, I am not interested. It is not because I don't care about child support but the amount it would be to pay more would exceed any savings you may have (I was a Math and Finance Geek)/Cost Benefit Analysis.

Some questions to ask the best of the best divorce attorneys should go beyond the obvious, such as " What is your ideal case? Which type of case makes you fight or you enjoy? Why ask questions like that? Because you really want to know who you are dealing with, what is important to them, what they believe in.

What is the best case and worse case scenario for my case? 

Is there an estimate as to the whole cost of the case? These depends on many factors but your lawyer should explain the factors.

How would you handle the case from the start? What would be the first step?

Does every case go to trial?

Do you have trial experience?

Excellent Lawyers are busy so you will want to know the easiest and best times to contact your lawyer.

How many people work for the lawyer?

Can the lawyer handle your case with his or her caseload?

Your Lawyer Should Ask You What is Most Important to You to see if he or she is a good fit?

Make sure the divorce lawyer is actually a divorce attorney and not a lawyer taking any work he or she can find.

While there are so many questions to ask, I just wanted to share some that should be on your list.