Judge Vanek Judge Schillari Rich, Have a family law case with them?

Have you received court notices or motions papers for a case in Hudson County Family Court? Do you have a family court case before Judge Vanek, Judge Nesle Rodriguez or Judge Schillari-Rich in the Hudson County Family Court? We can help you today. As a Hudson County Family Law Attorney and Child Custody lawyer in Hudson County, I am experienced in handling complex family law matters in the New Jersey Family Courts. Whether you have a motion you want to file or you must respond to a motion, we have the knowledge to help you obtain what you are seeking and to defend against what the other party is seeking from the court. My office is in Jersey City and we frequently appear before the Hudson County Family Court Judges.

Why is it important to have experience before certain Judges?

It is very important because every Judge has a different "style" in how that Judge runs his or her courtroom.

That style can:

  1. Dictate how much time the Judge allows you to argue your case
  2. How precise your motion papers must be
  3. How much time a Judge will allow if you hire an attorney "late."
  4. Whether the Judge is on time
  5. How fast a Judge will submit an order after the case has been argued
  6. Whether oral argument will be granted or not.
  7. How they expect attorneys and litigants to behave in court
  8. How the Judges normally rule if you violate court orders
  9. Whether the Judge normally awards counsel fees.
  10. And other relevant information.
  11. How cases involving physical custody, custody arrangements, child support, legal custody and spousal support are addressed.
  12. Has the Judge ever awarded sole custody?
  13. Did the Judge practice divorce and family law? Was he or she a Family Lawyer in Jersey City?
  14. Was the Judge Certified by the Supreme Court of the State of New Jersey for Matrimonial Law?


Judge Vanek is an experienced litigator. What does that mean? While I do not believe she has tried family law cases, Judge Vanek was entrenched in litigation at a major New Jersey law firm prior to becoming a family court Judge. Judge Vanek runs her courtroom with precision. Judge Vanek is on time, she is respectful to litigants and attorneys but you must be respectful to the court, your papers must be on time, you must be on time to court and Judge Vanel rarely allows postponements. It is important that if you do receive family court notices for motions, etc, that you move quickly to obtain an attorney to help you respond and/or request what you seek from the court (via cross-motion). Judge Vanek really knows the law, really knows the procedures of family law and family law trials. Why is that important? It is important because if the Judge makes the decision, you have a good chance that it will be correct, and correct might not be what you want exactly but with the right attorney, it could help you get closer to what you want. If it is not right, you can always appeal, which we do as well.


Judge Schillari-Rich is an experienced FAMILY law litigator. She is a certified matrimonial attorney, which is a significant designation for family law attorneys in New Jersey. She is very precise and she is very respectful of litigants and lawyers alike. She does grant adjournments under certain conditions. She reads the family law motion papers before heading onto the bench and before making any decisions. She is on time. She manages cases with precision, managing deadlines and difficult issues with attorneys through case management conferences and phone conferences, in some cases weekly. During motions, the Judge is on point as to the critical facts in the case and begins to question the attorneys as to what and why they may be seeking certain relief. My office has argued many motions in her courtroom and handled many divorce matters there as well. 


Judge Nelse Rodriguez is now the presiding Judge of the family part of the Hudson County Vicinage. Judge Rodriguez tries her best to the main issue or issues in the case with the attorneys instead of arguing the matter over and over again. The Judge permits in chambers discussions with the attorneys which helps the attorneys and litigants solve their legal issues. Judge Rodriguez has extensive experience in trial work including family law. Prior to her Judgeship in Superior Court, Judge Rodriguez was the presiding Judge of the Jersey City Municipal Court. 

These three Judges handle the majority of the divorce and post divorce matters in Hudson County, New Jersey Superior Court-Family Part. If you received court papers or seek to file a motion in family court or defend against one, contact our Jersey City law office today on (201) 228-9815 to determine if and how we can help you for your case.