New Jersey Divorce Will Not Happen in 2020 Without Us- Arbitration

It will be almost impossible to obtain a divorce in 2020 without a divorce mediator or divorce arbitrator which can be binding. Why? When do you actually think Judges in Family Court will be able to hear all of the divorce and non-divorce related cases? With the CORONA VIRUS, courts are working on a very limited basis so that Judges do not have the time to handle all cases. As a New Jersey Divorce Arbitrator and New Jersey Divorce and Family Law Mediator I can decide your case and have a Judge sign the judgment of divorce so that you can obtain a divorce in 2020. How does it work?

  • Both parties agree to enter into binding arbitrator agreement so that the arbitrator decides all legal issues concerning your marriage/divorce
  • A schedule is set that works with everyone's schedule to present their case
  • Documents are provided to the arbitrator (tax returns, bank statements, etc). 
  • Arbitrator reviews, considers all issues and decides the legal issues and issues an order that will stand in court
  • That order will be attached to a final judgment of divorce signed by a Superior Court Judge in New Jersey
  • The sessions can be done via online virtual meetings and on phone
  • Sessions can be completed in less than 30 days ( A court will take a year or more). 
  • A Trial Can Cost $100,000 or more, these sessions stay between approximately $3500-$15,000 (amounts vary case by case). 

If you want a divorce and both parties agree that they want a divorce and want someone to make decisions so that a Judge can sign a final divorce judgment. Contact us on 973-337-9643 today.

Why Us?

Oxford Educated on Debate and Negotiation, Master Classes in Negotiation, Divorce Lawyer for 10 years in New Jersey, Rutgers University School of Law. We can find solutions to the most difficult issues.