Put the Gun Down! Get Rid of the Knife! Remaining Civil During Divorce

Divorce can get dirty real quick. Your spouse may do anything to get you out of that house and I mean anything. Provocation at its best and academy award winning acting has nothing on a spouse that is trying to get an advantage in a divorce case. So you must act like everything you say and do is being recorded at all times. In fact you can record what is going on in your house but aside form doing that, act like that is what is going on and it will be used against you for the kids, alimony, support, the house, etc. As a divorce lawyer in NJ, I am experienced in what to do and what not to do. Watch my video on key tips when filing for divorce in New Jersey and what not to do.

That gun you have in your head pointed at your spouse or your spouse and in-laws, PUT IT DOWN. That knife near the bed, get rid of it. I know how much you hate your spouse, trust me I know. I've been around the block more times than you would believe. While I am joking around, I am serious about being civil with your spouse at all times during a divorce especially if you still live together. It is critical. As a Jersey City Divorce Lawyer serving Jersey City NJ and High-Income earner, I know what is at stake with a divorce in New Jersey family court. The best divorce attorney in New Jersey for you will tell you that while you may have to pay alimony, don't pay that much.

Regardless if you are a high net worth individual seeking to reduce his or her alimony exposure, someone accused of domestic violence and has a restraining order against you or other issue, my team and I have been through it and will treat you with respect and find a way to give you the best chance to achieve optimal case results. I know facing alimony claims in Hudson County NJ or not being able to see your child is very hard but we can create a strategy to minimize your alimony exposure or in the case with custody/parenting time so that you can see your child and will have a strong relationship.

I had a case recently where my client went home and another man was in the home with his wife. The lease was in his wife's name and the man refused to leave. The long of the short of it, I am trying to get him out of jail for attempted murder while the wife and other man are free. Yes, I know that was an extreme example but it happens everyday. Being civil would mean leave and don't come back until you are ready to talk to your spouse (I know its almost impossible).