Filing-Obtaining a Divorce During COVID in in New Jersey Family Court

Divorce Lawyer Jersey City COVID Era. Yes You Can File and Obtain a Divorce in NJ During COVID.

As you can imagine, the courts are essential functions and the courts remain open. As a Jersey City Divorce Attorney, I focus on family law issues in Hudson County and elsewhere in New Jersey. While it is different today than it was two months ago, the courts are still handling: child custody, alimony, child support, and other related family law matters and legal issues.

Divorce and family law matters can be easy or they can be hard, it is really up to the parties. Support Alimony, Parenting Time, Division of Assets can all be decided by the parties but if they cannot, the Family Court Judge will.

How To File For Divorce or Family Law Issue in Hudson County, New Jersey?

Litigants cannot walk into the courthouse anymore. How long this will last is unknown but you can file documents through a Jersey City Family Court Attorney or Divorce Lawyer in New Jersey. We can create the paperwork and have it filed electronically with the Superior Court of New Jersey's new electronic system. The court will then provide court dates that are over the phone until further notice. We have appeared by phone on many family law cases without any problems.

Do I have to use a Family Law Attorney in New Jersey?

You can use any lawyer you want but it is advisable to use an experienced Jersey City Family Court Lawyer, Hudson County Child Custody Lawyer or other attorney that understands family law. At this time you can still file alone but it is more difficult than before.

Do I have to give my child to the other parent during this COVID Time Period?

If there is a court order, you still need to follow it unless your child will be in danger. Common sense is needed during this time.

What If Mom or Dad will Not Give Me My Parenting Time?

You would either need to file an emergent application or a motion to enforce your parenting time.

What if my spouse won't sign the divorce papers?

You can still obtain a divorce but it will take longer without a signature.

I want custody of my child, can I file? I want to to relocate out of State can I file?

As a Jersey City Child Custody Lawyer and Hudson County Family Law Attorney I can tell you custody is still one of the most important legal issues in the world and that remains true in the New Jersey Family Courts. In order to relocate without consent, you need a court order to do so.

Does the State of New Jersey decide who has custody?

If you cannot agree, the Judge of the State of New Jersey will decide. There are many factors to consider in deciding who has residential and legal custody of your minor child, whether that is sole legal or joint legal. The court can also order specific parenting time with your child. In some cases supervised parenting time is needed.

How Does the Court Decide Alimony?

On a case by case basis that the court uses many factors to determine alimony in New Jersey. Alimony is not automatic. To discuss this you should seek legal advice from a law office such as mine or another.

How do I start the divorce of family court process?

For any legal issue of importance for you, you should discuss the issue with an attorney. My law firm is focused on family law and divorce law in New Jersey. We have established great client relationships over the years that has made us one of the leading family law offices in New Jersey.

If you feel you have a legal issue, give us a call. Until then be safe and stay home. Please contact us on (201) 228-9815. We serve Hudson, Bergen County, Essex County, Union County, Passaic County, Middlesex County and more in New Jersey.