Loss of Income or Less Income Because of COVID Child Support Alimony

COVID and Reduction in Alimony and Child Support in NJ

With the COVID Pandemic, many people have lost their incomes, business shut downs are rampant whether short term or long-term. The pandemic has hit the self-employed and certain industries very hard. While you may still have income or unemployment, those amounts are probably much less than you normally earn and you need to prevent arrears to be piled up and need to file a motion or modification to reduce alimony and or child support quickly. The New Jersey Family Courts are open by way of virtual court and e-filing systems. We can help.

As a family law attorney in NJ, I am experienced in Post-divorce motions and family court modifications to reduce alimony and child support. The sooner you file the sooner the arrears and back support pile up. The challenge we face with the pandemic is new to all of us but we cannot wait to file motions because the longer you wait, the more you will owe. What we face is no simply a loss of income and with that we can find other work. Almost every industry is effected so the loss of income may be longer term than we want it to be.

So depending on what you signed for a divorce agreement or if a Judge ruled that you should pay a certain amount, you may be able to reduce your weekly obligations. If you were earning $150,000 per year and now earn $75,000 or less, you have grounds to file for a modification of alimony and child support.

So if you had a lay off, furlough, business shut down, we may be able to help you file for a reduction in alimony and child support. Contact our Jersey City office for a free consultation on (201) 228-9815.