New Jersey Parenting Time and Child Alienation

Alienating your child from your former spouse: Ok, you hate your spouse or former partner. You absolutely hate him or her right now. You will do anything to get back at your ex for whatever reason: infidelity, constant lies, abuse, drug use, etc, you just cannot stand him or her and now you are trying to hurt that person. One way to do it is for that person not to see their child(s). Yes, it is true and done everyday and it is sad but true and you need a family law attorney to help you fix that situation before you are kept away from your child day in and day out. An unfortunate reality in divorces and breakups is the fact that parents often place their children in the middle of the marital or relationship issues. Children are often used as pawns to a means to an end. As a divorce and child custody attorney in New Jersey, I see this way too often. The first thing to know is that alienating a child so that the non-custodial parent cannot see or speak to their child is against court rules and you do not need to take it! We can help you deal with parenting time issues as long as you are ready to fight and ready to keep fighting. Something like this is not always easy, in fact depending on allegations, the Judge, etc., you have to keep fighting with your end goal on your mind or you can get sidetracked and you may give up, DONT. My team and I have helped many fathers and mothers you have parenting time and child custody situations throughout the State of New Jersey.

The New Jersey Court rules provide for many remedies when someone violates a court order. Family court orders are no different than any other law or court order, they need to be followed and they need to be taken seriously. Your children are watching. They watch is you fight for them, they watch if you block the other parent, they feel the tension when the parents talk (if they do), in the end, children know and its our job as parents to avoid this kind of toxic behavior. As a family law attorney, I know how to seek enforcement of court orders and I know what it is like not to be able to see my child. So while you may think I am just another attorney, I am not, I have been in your shoes and I understand more than many attorneys understand because I know how it feels and it does not feel good. You feel like someone is holding the strings to the most important aspect of your life: your kids. You do not need to keep it this way, you can fight this and our legal team can help you do so. How can you make the relationship better between you and the other parent? What can you do that will help the overall situation? If you do not know, we can also give you advice to that as well when the total situation is explained to us. 

My team and I are experienced in family law and divorce cases in New Jersey. Whether it is setting up a parenting schedule, seeking residential custody, enforcing a court order, seeking more parenting time or preventing parenting time for a variety of reasons, we can  help you today. While our office is in Jersey City, New Jersey, we work in every court in the State of New Jersey. Contact us today on (201) 228-9815 for a confidential appointment in our Jersey City office, we will take the time to understand what you are going through and how we can help. Until then, stay positive and write your goals down.