Served with Divorce Papers-Defaulted and Received a Motion

Jersey City Divorce Lawyer and Being Served Divorce Papers

You may have received divorce papers and motion papers for Hudson County Family Court and may have defaulted, missed a deadline and do not know what to do. You may have defaulted on the divorce by not answering the papers, ignoring them, not understanding them, scared of them and the like. If you move quickly we can help. If a default has been entered against you or default judgment for a divorce and divorce-related issues, you must be fast, very fast, The Judge's order or the default can prevent you from fighting the case and having your spouse obtain almost anything he or she wants. Is that what you want? If it is not, read on. 

We can vacate the default, fight any pendente lite motion for temporary spousal support, alimony, child support, child custody and the like immediately if you contact Hudson County Divorce Lawyer Santo Artusa. With our experience, we can file a motion/cross-motion to vacate the default judgment, default and if there is a motion for temporary relief, we can mount your best defense to limit the damage a temporary order can have on your case and on your life. 

While you have the right to represent yourself in family court, beware. If your spouse has an attorney, that attorney will most likely bury you with paperwork and demands. These demands and paperwork will keep you up at night, affect your job, maybe your health, maybe other critically important aspects of your life as when you will see your kids, or how much money you may have to pay the lawyer or your spouse. Again, that is up to you. The truth is that lawyers, who do not practice family law and divorce, usually have no idea what they are doing so how will you know what to do without legal training and experience in family law? You won't. 

Some papers that you may receive may demand alimony, child support, sole custody, limiting parenting time, paying counsel fees and on and on. The task and demands may seem daunting but with the correct legal strategy, we can get you in the right place. Making an error early in your case will have a significantly bad impact on your case overall. It is very hard to undo a court order for specific relief that is why it needs to be done correctly at the start. A default does not mean its too late if you know what to do. We do.  As one of the best divorce attorneys in New Jersey, we can find a way for you to be heard in family court on the legal issues you may be facing. We can help you in defending alimony claims, can help you understand the divorce process in New Jersey.

If you are facing a legal challenge such as the above, contact us for a confidential appointment in person or by phone, or video consultation today. We are available at (201) 228-9815. Until then, be careful and be smart.