8 Tips for Men To Get Screwed in New Jersey Family Court

You may hear it all the time, men get screwed in family court, but do they? Some do, some don't. As a divorce lawyer in New Jersey's Jersey City where there are very high earners and middle class earners, I represent men and women everyday in the Hudson County Family Court and the answer is that it depends. There are certain routes to take to get "screwed" and there are other routes to take to get a good chance to leave the courthouse with your clothes still on and prosper in the future. Some ways to avoid a disaster is straight common sense, other ways are not common sense but must be done. The following 8 tips are tips to get screwed in family court or not to, depends on how you take it (Some are Tips and Some are Observations).

  1. The Judge is the Final Stop- Yes the Judge is the Boss, sucks right? Not really but it can if you disrespect the Judge and the Judges staff. There is no jury in family court, the Judge is the end of the road, the godfather, the boss, the king/queen.
  2. Make Assumptions- Making Assumptions is one of the fastest ways to ruin your case. Going into court with the notion that "Women Judges Hate men." Will probably become true in your case if you have that idiotic attitude.
  3. Defy Court Orders- Court Orders are not opinions, they are orders, orders of the law and they must be followed. You can't disregard an order and expect a Judge to really hear you out after you do.
  4. Show Up To Court Late- No need to explain here, I hope. Yell at the Judge, Etc
  5. Commit Acts of Domestic Violence- Yea, this wont help either. Be careful during a divorce for frivolous restraining orders and charges because you will be kicked out of your home and will be restrained from seeing your child.
  6. Treat Your Children Badly, Don't visit your children, Don't pay Child Support- You Are Just Asking For a Major Alimony Award to Go Against You
  7. Overspend During the Litigation- The idea that you should spend while the case is going on so there is little to no money left, is another terrible idea. The more you spend, the more alimony you may pay
  8. Come to Court With Your New Love Interest- Yep, I see it all the time. Don't do it. It will only make things worse. Don't add fuel to the fire.

Well these may seem obvious but people violate these basic rules everyday in family court which only hurts their chances of leaving court unscathed. If you are concerned about alimony and other issues in a divorce and what to do, contact my Jersey City or Passaic Office on (201) 228-9815 for a consultation.