Key Characteristics to Being the Best Divorce Lawyer

When looking for a good or "the best" divorce lawyer, criminal lawyer, personal injury lawyer in Jersey City, Hoboken or Passaic County New Jersey or elsewhere people often try to read as much as possible, they read articles, read reviews (and yes it is not possible to have all good reviews unless they are fake)-especially in divorce and family law matters, word of mouth, advertising, blogs and so forth. As a divorce lawyer in Jersey City, New Jersey, I have witnessed excellent advocacy and terrible advocacy and of course, "average" litigators. There is not one lawyer in the world that is the absolute best, not one, not two, not three. The truth is, the best lawyer for you is the best lawyer that understands your case and if that aspect or the aspects of your case align with the strengths of that lawyer, then that lawyer might be the best for you. If that lawyer is the best for you, then that lawyer may be the best. I will quickly go over key strengths a New Jersey divorce or family law attorney must possess in order to be great  or "the best" at what he or she does.

1. Patience. If you are not patient, you cannot be a divorce or family lawyer in New Jersey. New Jersey, one of the richest and most expensive States in America brings high pressure in life and in legal cases. The emotional back and forth that goes on in a divorce case, child custody case and the like is difficult. If your lawyer is not patient, you have the wrong lawyer.

2. Realistic. If your lawyer will say anything so that you will sign that retainer and hand over a check, you do not have the best divorce lawyer.

3. Positivity. A New Jersey divorce lawyer needs to be able to walk in the pouring rain without an umbrella and still smile. The best divorce lawyers know that they have to keep pushing their clients everyday to stay positive but yet realistic. The divorce lawyer that is best for you will help you manage the anxiety you face by going through a divorce.

4. Deep Understanding of the Rules and Case Law. Without knowledge in divorce and family law, you can never be the best divorce lawyer around. The lawyer on the other end of that phone or in the courtroom is not going to look after your client's interests so if you do not know what to look for, you can be in trouble. 

5. Excellent Oral Arguments and Negotiation Skills. The best negotiators and best lawyers make you think you won a negotiation all the while they won the whole time. Being an excellent lawyer requires you to be an excellent negotiator and advocate. Additionally, the best lawyer will know how to express himself in court without being too aggressive and too passive. 

6. Your Interests are Paramount- The best lawyer for you will protect your interests all the way. Your lawyer will fight for what is most important to you and for what he knows is of critical importance because he or she has been there before.

So while I just wrote 6 keys today, there are many others that I will share over time, but these are really important in order for you to find the best lawyer for your divorce in New Jersey, criminal case, family law case, etc., etc., Until next time, have a great one.