Your Rights and Parenting Time During COVID Corona Virus in New Jersey

Court Orders are valid even with the COVID/Corona Virus. Parenting time, custody and the like are all valid orders so do not let anyone tell you otherwise.....

With emergencies, come emergency regulations that can prevent you from living your everyday life. In some cases it is needed, in others it is an overstep or the language of the regulations are too broad leaving people arguing over what was intended and what is or is not covered. As a divorce and family law attorney in Jersey City and beyond, I will address these emergency restrictions with regard to divorce and parenting time agreements. 

As soon as it becomes or something becomes unclear about a law or regulation, I start getting the calls. " Can I keep my baby away from him this week because of the Virus?" "She's not giving me my son because of the Virus, what can I do?" Right now, the law remains the law and you must abide the law for parenting time and the like unless it would put your child in harms way, directly in harms way. The Virus is not one of those emergencies, YET. That can change with the Governor or President but as of today, you must adhere to the court orders. If the other party does not, get police reports or incident reports to keep for your case going forward.  Call the police? Why? They won't do anything. They usually don't do anything when something major happens forget about a parenting dispute! 

While that does not make you happy at least you can present those incident reports to a Judge in the future who may consider them for a new court order. But if you ask me to break the order or agree with you, I will not. The Judge's order is the order. If you do not follow it, you run the risk.