Never Giving Up-The Fight For Parenting Time, Custody NJ Custody Law

Fighting for parenting time and custody in New Jersey Family/Superior Court can be very difficult. It is incredibly difficult when you try to represent yourself and you are constantly telling/arguing issues that do not make sense to a  New Jersey divorce and child custody lawyer and especially a New Jersey Family Court Judge that has experience and in some cases a Judge that does not and that does not let you argue critical and pertinent issues. You may have been stopped or prevented from arguing because of your demeanor with the court, with your spouse or other party, with your own lawyer, etc. So while you may continue to lose, you may begin blaming others and then your case and arguments only get worse. Stop the bleeding. 

To Win Custody or More Parenting Time, Other Relief After Losing, Don't

  • Blames Others
  • Don't Focus on the Negative
  • Look for the Clues in the Judge's Decision to Make it Right, to Make it Better
  • Don't Violate the Current Order
  • If you Can't Pay the Full Amount of a Current Order-Pay Something, Something is Better than Nothing
  • Do Not Seek to Change Your Judge Unless You Have Reasons to Justify a Potential Change
  • If you seek to change your lawyer, do not disrespect your lawyer in front of the Judge or in Writing
  • Realize your wrongs or times you may have been wrong and move on in a positive fashion
  • Never Disrespect The Judge
  • Never Threaten Anyone including The Opposing Side, Opposing Lawyer

You may be prevented because of your violation of court orders, you may have yelled at the Judge, you may have yelled at the staff, or for other reasons. The fact is you need to put your ego aside, and let a legal professional argue and negotiate your case. I do not know what you do for a living and frankly, I do not care. I can tell you that if I try to do what you do versus you doing it for me, that you will do it better. In my field, as a divorce and child custody/parenting time lawyer in New Jersey, there is no chance you can out argue me, out negotiate me and know the skills needed for long-term winning strategies. I am not writing this because I am arrogant but I am experienced in fighting pro-se litigants, I am experienced in arguing cases against pro-se opponents who are doctors, engineers, plumbers, businessmen, nurses, unemployed individuals, etc. When I do handle those cases, I usually do not need to say much because my paperwork for the Judge is precise and the litigant will hurt his or her own case by talking too much and revealing too much that becomes concerning. 

What I am trying to say, while you may be a genius in your work or in life, you probably will not be a good lawyer or pro-se litigant because as family law is so emotionally driven, it is almost impossible for you to argue your case from a position of clarity. You may think, hey I am the dad or I'm the mom so the Judge has to do X. NEGATIVE. I write this article not because I want your case, I probably would deny it, but to help those who should NEVER give up fighting for parenting time and custody. I want to help as much as I can but I do not accept all cases because as I said, that attitude that you are owed or that you know it all will lead to your exit from my office. 

Bottom line is: tell me the truth. Tell me the facts. I will figure out how to fight for you to have your kids for custody or parenting time. Do not try to out think me, the experienced custody and divorce lawyer, and the Judge. Let me rebuild or build your case so that you can start enjoying what is the most important thing in life: time with your children. It may not be overnight, but I will get it done if you are honest and let me build the case I need to build. 

If you feel your life is unfair or that you will handle it but keep losing, do not contact me as the more you lose, the harder it will be to ever undo your critical mistakes. If you feel you want someone to begin fixing the path to parenting time and custody, contact us on (201) 228-9815