Parenting Time Plans and Boundaries Save You Future Stress and Drama

If you do not address it now and address it correctly it will be a problem later and it can be a big problem. I am talking about parenting time/child custody concerns and issues. As a New Jersey divorce and child custody lawyer, I am very familiar with the importance of parenting time and child custody orders. Parenting time orders should not be a consideration but should be mandatory for those breaking up, broke up, divorcing or are divorced. Why you may ask? It is critical to know what your parenting time will be or the other party's time will be without having to beg, plea and deal with total control and unfairness. I say that because I see it everyday where one parent cannot see a child or can only see a child based on one parent's controlling conditions. Deal with it now and deal with it correctly now to avoid that. Parents are equals and you need to have it detailed in writing. You can have it as detailed where everyone knows the exact pick up and drop off times, pick up and drop off location(s), you can know the holiday schedules, joint or sole legal custody, times to talk when you do not have parenting time. When you do not, you are at the mercy of the other parent. When you have a court order and someone does not follow it you can ask a family court Judge to enforce it and other ways to have your time or even change custody. 

Not only can a court order help you with detailed parenting time, child custody but the order can also restrict communication of the parties and that the parties only communicate via email, phone, or by using what is known as family wizard which is a great tool for parents to communicate and schedule events about the child. Many of my clients use family wizard and it has helped their lives almost instantly. No more weird phone calls or texts not relevant to the child, no more harassment. Just because you have a child with someone doesn't mean they can control your life, control your parenting, control your sanity! Get a court order with an experienced child custody lawyer, it is worth the cost and worth the short term aggravation to avoid future blow ups and wars. Trust me I know that very well. Before I was a lawyer I was a single guy in NYC with an infant and it was a mess before I finally pushed for a court order. Once I did that, my life was thousands better than before. 

To me there is nothing more important than parenting time and custody issues. If you seek to have peace and sanity or to at least improve that, contact my team on (201) 228-9815 for a free initial consultation.