Leaving an Abusive Marriage New Jersey Divorce Lawyer TRO Attorney

Leaving a marriage in New Jersey or anywhere is never easy. It is never easy when it is a long-term marriage, with children, a lifestyle you may like or incomes you may depend on for the family. Leaving a marriage is even harder when domestic abuse and violence is present. The fear of what the abusive spouse may do, the fear of the unknown, the fear of rejection from the courts and other authorities. As an experienced divorce and domestic violence attorney in New Jersey, I am familiar with the difficulties of each case and the courage it takes to leave a spouse in an abusive relationship. If you do not leave, you are not weak, you are not worthless, you are still strong just for reading this and trying to find a way to escape. Every marriage and relationship has its ups and downs but there is a breaking point as to when a pattern of abuse is present and just never goes away or if it does, it is not for long. While you may feel your situation is not as extreme as for the need to escape but it may be or it may become that way. It may not be that extreme but it can still be unacceptable abuse and domestic violence. 

I filed for a restraining order in New Jersey years ago and lost. This only made matters worse. What should I do? 

Losing a restraining order in New Jersey in the past does not mean that the abuse did not occur and does not mean it is not relevant today. You still have options to bring another restraining order if you are in fear and other acts have occurred. You can file another TRO, you can file for divorce, you can do both. 

If I file for a restraining order, where will I live with my children? 

You will be able to stay in your home until the final decision is made when a Judge will decide custody, parenting time, support, etc. 

My Spouse Does Not Strike Me But Abuses Me, Can I Obtain a Final Restraining Order? 

Physical Abuse is not the only abuse that is considered domestic violence in New Jersey. Harassment, Threats are just some of the most common domestic violence allegations in New Jersey Family Court. 

How Can I Win a Final Restraining Order and Obtain a Divorce in NJ? 

Nothing can be certain but the bets chance to win is to prepare. Prepare as to everything, all incidents that you have endured as best you can. Write down the most recent events and write down as many past incidents you can. The more incidents you can testify to that you can prove, the better chance you have. A divorce is a longer term case that involves more than the abuse as it will cove the financials, custody (long term), financial support, assets and lawyers fees. 

Again while it is not easy to leave a marriage or to file a restraining order, when you are ready to and want caring and experienced representation in domestic abuse and divorce matters in New Jersey, contact us at (201) 228-9815.