7 Critical Tips in Choosing a Divorce Lawyer in New Jersey

Divorce Lawyer in Jersey City New Jersey

7 Critical Tips in Deciding Which Divorce Attorney to use in New Jersey and what to do right away. The realization that you want a divorce or that your spouse has filed and you have been served with divorce papers or expect to be served or notified by an attorney in New Jersey is hard enough. Not knowing what to do and trying to pick the best divorce lawyer in New Jersey for you can be difficult as well. As a New Jersey Divorce and Child Custody/Family Law Attorney, I know what to look for and what I would do if I were to file for divorce or if I were served with New Jersey divorce papers. 

  1. Know What You Want

    Knowing what you want from the divorce is critically important. By knowing what you want, you will have a better idea of which divorce lawyer to choose. So if you are seeking to be reasonable and make an agreement instead of going to trial, it is better to deal with a non-big lawyer law firm or individual lawyer. Solo or small firm lawyers do not have quotas to meet and try very hard to resolve your case without spending every dollar you have. So if I know my case can possibly be resolved, I would choose an individual lawyer that has staff to assist. 
  2. Go Local
    I feel that hiring a local divorce attorney can help you when dealing with the court in your area. Not that a Judge would rule in your favor because you have a local divorce attorney in New Jersey but it is the lawyer that knows the Judge's style that is key. 
  3. Hire a REAL Divorce Lawyer not a General Practictioner 
    Being a lawyer does not mean you practice in all practice areas. Divorce and family law is complex and the requirements are only getting tougher. If the lawyer does not know or practice divorce everyday, buyer beware. Just as you may ask me to represent you in a medical malpractice case, I would not take it but refer it to someone else. Why? While I am an attorney, I do not practice medical malpractive often and in some years, never. For medical malpractice I refer cases to a great lawyer named John Molinari, Esq. 
  4. Hire a Lawyer that You Are Able to Meet in Person
    While I do not require or need to meet every divorce client, if a client wants to discuss issues that they are not comfortable discussing over the phone, I offer meetings in my office where they feel more comfortable to open up or confide in me. Some lawyers still do not let clients in their office. My office is COVID safe and I would wear a mask if my client or potential client wanted me to. 
  5. Hire a Divorce Lawyer that has Settled Cases AND Has Gone to Trial 
    The best way to settle a case is to be fully ready and able to go to trial. Knowing what a trial entails (from experience), helps a divorce attorney prepare and prepare some more. By doing so, it gives the divorce lawyer the ability to negotiate from a position of strength and not desperate to make a deal. 
  6. Hire a Divorce Attorney That Explains How His or Her Fee Structure 
    Hire a divorce lawyer that explains how he or she bills for the work. Is it hourly, if so how much per hour? How often does he bill? Does he bill for his paralegal? Is it a hybrid billing (some flat fee, some hourly)? 
  7. Hire a lawyer that is technically savvy
    In today's world, you need to know about technology. Knowing tech can make your divorce lawyer more efficient and being more efficient saves you: time, money and stress. You need to move extremely fast in divorce cases or your case can be dismissed, your case can suffer if the lawyer does not respond quickly to certain demands. The old world of personal delivery of documents and mailing documents is over. You can file an emergency application right away and the lawyer needs to be ready right away to go on the virtual hearing. 

So while this was a short list, I feel that these tips are really important in deciding who the best divorce lawyer/attornet in New Jersey is for you. If you seek a consultation with my office, contact us on 973-337-9643. Until then, be safe, stay positive and take careof yourself.