What To Do When You Have an Emergency Order To Show Cause Hearing in NJ

Order to Show Cause Emergency Motion/Applications NJ

Who? What? When?

That's how you might feel if you just got off the phone with the Family Court or just was served in person or via email a Notice For an Emergency Hearing. New Jersey Order to Show Cases and Emergency Hearings in Family Court can cause major chaos if you do not respond/appear/fight. If you received paperwork or a call from the New Jersey Family Court/Superior Court in Hudson, Essex, Middlesex, Bergen, Union or other County Family Court, time is of the essence. Did you receive paperwork seeking emergency residential and or legal custody from the other parent alleging you did not return the child, an allegation that you abused the child, an allegation that you moved out of state or any other reason? Or did you move ou/relocate out of New Jersey and the court wants you to return with the child? We can help you. Through our extensive experience in matrimonial and family court litigation we are always ready to file an order to show cause or to fight one. 

What Do I Do?

You need to move quickly but as experienced New Jersey Child Custody/Divorce and Family Lawyers, we can help you. If you get a call from a clerk, ask the clerk, can I please have a few hours or a day to retain a child custody lawyer/attorney right away? If the hearing is set for 11:30, 1:30, ask for it to be heard at 3:30 or 4 so you have that extra time to read everything and or to actually hire an attorney experienced in this work. Contact us right away 973-337-9643. We are experienced in order to show causes, emergency hearings, final default uncontested hearings, helping those that need to vacate a default or default judgment in the Superior Courts of New Jersey-Family Part in each county of New Jersey. 

What Are They/Him/Her Seeking? 

The first thing is to read what has been filed in the "Emergent Order to Show Cause Paperwork." What relief are they seeking and why? Did they attach any evidence? Make sure you have this scanned and ready to send to an attorney to review and try to help you in short notice. While you won't be able to write a full-reply in a few hours (typically), you and your newly retained custody lawyer can help create and argue your point of view and your side of the story. This first appearance and what happens after is critically important and you do not want to lose your chance to make a good first impression. 

I Missed the Call and Email, What Can I Do? 

Sometimes you do not check your emails everyday or every hour and you may have missed the notice or a court call possibly. If you became aware of it because not only do you see a notice now but you may see an order granting the relief he or she may want. If that happens, you have to file to undo the order, to modify the order, etc. Time is of critical importance at this point. 

As you can see, anything to do with an Order to Show Cause or Emergency hearing is a time sensitive matter. The sooner you act, the better your chances are to succeed or mitigate any potential harm. If you face a case like this, call us today on 973-337-9643.