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Dealing with DCPP/DFYS in Hudson County or elsewhere in New Jersey is difficult. You need to be patient, need an experienced DFYS Defense Attorney and persistence. Regardless if DFYS is preventing you from seeing your children, trying to terminate your parental rights or other measures, our experienced Hudson County DCPP Lawyers can help.

Have you been called or notified about your Child Being the Subject of a DCPP Investigation in Hudson County, NJ?

Have you received an Order To Show Cause and Complaint? A date for a preliminary hearing? A fact-finding hearing? We can help

In New Jersey Child Abuse or Neglect is defined as any of the following:

  • Causing serious physical or emotional harm to a child, or allowing another person to cause such harm;
  • Creating a risk of physical harm to a child, or allowing another person to create such risk;
  • Sexually abusing a child, or allowing another person to sexually abuse a child;
  • Harming a child, or creating a risk of harm to a child, by failing to provide proper care;
  • Using excessive physical punishment on a child; or
  • Abandoning a child.

The Artusa Law Firm and I, Santo V. Artusa, Jr., Esq would rather not say buyer beware with regard to family law, divorce and DFYS related cases, but we have to. It may be a shock to some but many lawyers have never tried a case, have never argued a motion, have never even been to Superior of Federal Court, EVER. While some may have gone to State Court, many have no idea what you are entitled to or what t o fight for in family court. Buyer Beware. On the flip side, you may hire a "firm" and get a different lawyer or an inexperienced lawyer every time you attend court. How does that feel? It happened to me when I was in family court for my own case before I was a lawyer, before I knew better. 

Please consider this lawyer he gets the job done! Thank you again sir for helping me.
Alexander A.
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Why do I say this? I say this because as I cannot say I am very experienced in sexual discrimination cases, I may be able to figure it out, but that's not the same as knowing and being experienced. And even when you are experienced, are you good? I am. I know how to fight in family court, criminal court and elsewhere. I know what to argue in front of various Judges and what not to. The reason you should wake up and hire me is:

1. I know family law like you know your name.

2. I can see a lawyer or even a Judge that doesn't know family law, a mile away. 

3. I've been through family court myself. 

4. I was born a fighter. 

5. I was born a negotiator. 

6. I was born intelligent. 

7. I taught myself so much through self-discipline and constant learning

8. Hudson County is my home turf. 

9. I can't stand bullies

10. I fight for those who are being treated unfairly

While the above may not be enough, in short, a lawyer is not a lawyer for every case. Law is complex. Lawyers who are great, focus on a few different cases and that's it. They do this to master it, as do I. 

If you have a DCPP/DFYS case or family law/divorce law related matter in Hudson County New Jersey be wise, contact our team today.

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