Shared Parenting Time and Shared Custody in New Jersey

By: Santo V. Artusa, Jr., Esq. 

Shared custody and shared parenting time is the "new trend" in the State of New Jersey and throughout many states in America. There are arguments on both sides as to why it is good, and why it is not so good. As a divorce in Jersey City and family law attorney in Hudson County Either way, it is important to know what shared custody really is and what is key information about shared custody and shared parenting time in New Jersey. 

When Shared Custody Usually Works:

1. When parents can work together to raise the child or children

2. When the parties live in close proximity of each other

3. When the parties are in the same school district

4. When parties can arrange a 50-50 split in parenting time or as close as possible to that

5. When the parties can arrange easy pick up and drop offs

6. That it is in the best interests of the child

7. That both parents have an ongoing parenting time and communication with child

8. That there has not been a long period of delay since either parent seen or spent time with the child

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When Shared Custody Usually Does Not Work:

  1. The parties cannot communicate effectively with one another
  2. The parties live far apart
  3. It is not in the best interests of the child
  4. A long break period where one parent has not bonded/communicated with child
  5. Domestic violence has been an issue

While the above are some key issues with regard to shared parenting time, there are other issues that are considered as well as every case is different. It is also important to remember that shared custody and joint custody are not the same. Joint legal custody refers to legal decision making for the children. Shared parenting time or shared custody refers to the amount of time spent with the child. Shared parenting time also affects how much child support is paid or not paid to the less-earning parent/parent with more parenting time. 

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