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If You Cannot Locate Your Spouse, We Can Help You Now

In New Jersey, if you cannot locate your spouse, the court permits a litigant to try to locate that spouse by way of diligent inquiry. The steps to obtain a divorce by way of publication are:  

  • File for divorce (use the last known address of your spouse)
  • Begin trying to locate your spouse
  • You can use a service to conduct a diligent inquiry of or course an attorney
  • You must try to locate your spouse by contacting: the Postmaster General, the United States Military, The Motor Vehicle Commission, Department of Corrections, Family and Friends
  • Upon conducting a diligent inquiry, you must then file a motion to be permitted to serve the defendant in the newspaper (by publication).  
  • If the Judge approves, you can then place your summons and complaint in the newspaper that the Judge orders you to use (in Hudson County, it is the Jersey Journal)
  • After 35 days, you can then file a request to enter default
  • You will then receive a court date and obtain your divorce judgment

While I laid out the steps in filing for divorce and using publication as a means for personal service, many people have difficulty completing this process. Our team has successfully represented individuals that have difficulty in locating their spouse and want a divorce. These case can be time consuming but we can do it. Reach out to our team to discuss how we can move forward in obtaining your divorce judgment.  

Please consider this lawyer he gets the job done! Thank you again sir for helping me.
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