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Our team is deeply rooted in the areas we serve in New Jersey. We know the complexities of living in New Jersey, the cost of living, the issues with schooling in urban areas such as Jersey City, the real estate market, the jobs in our area and beyond. Our knowledge of the law and the area we serve are very important factors as to why you should work with our team.

When people talk about mediation and litigation, many begin to realize that, Mediation is the opposite of litigation. In Mediation, you have direct input as to what are the most important issues in the case. In Mediation, confrontation is not permitted and mediation is handled at your pace. In Court, you must follow the Judge's orders and have to move quickly or you will be forced to go to trial and you can pay $50,000 or more in attorneys fee alone.

  • We work around your schedule for mediation, including Sundays.
  • We work on all the issues and start mapping out how to resolve the critical issues
  • We pay attention to the small details as the smallest error in a marital settlement can cause major problems later
  • We take the time to listen to both parties so we understand key issues
  • More civil than court
  • We will handle all paperwork for court and complete the divorce
  • Experienced divorce and family law issues
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