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Filing for divorce or receiving divorce papers is never a happy feeling. What led to the filing of divorce are a culmination of events that broke the marriage, broke the marital bond, and that break is hard to take. Some individuals are upset, some are angry, some are happy, some are confused,  some are a bit of all four and other emotions. Either way, it is not an easy time for you and your spouse. 

While everyone handles a divorce differently, unfortunately many people do the wrong thing and engage in domestic violence. Some use anger and rage, others use control and threats in order to try and lure their spouse back. These threats and actions do not help anyone. In many situations, these acts constitute domestic violence that may require a temporary restraining order and/or a final restraining order. We have the experience where we represented the accused and the accuser. We do not accept any cases that we feel a restraining order is used to merely gain a tactical advantage in a divorce case. We will never represent someone that engages in these types of tactics that go against the very fabric and importance of family court. We represent real victims and those who have been falsely accused. 

While I say falsely accused, I do not mean only those have fake accusations or those who have been abused once. While both are serious issues, there are times where even if there is abuse, a Judge still may not rule against you and in the case of a victim, it does not mean a Judge will rule in your favor. That is where we come in. Our extensive experience in domestic violence and divorce lawyers are skilled in the difficult divorce cases that many lawyers cannot handle, we can and we do daily. 

I would say that it is obvious that with divorce, comes difficult decisions, a wide range of emotions, and with these issues, many people are consumed with the divorce, consumed with what their spouse may or may not be doing, angry about what he or she is doing, sad because of how this will impact the kids, but nevertheless, abuse is common in most relationships. The word abuse can mean simple yelling at someone in an argument, it can mean punching someone in the head, it can be something somewhere in between. Regardless, if someone is threatened or claims to be threatened by you, you need to lawyer up before the situation gets out of control to the point that you are kicked of your home, cannot see your kids or in the case of the abused, you had to leave to save yourself. We can help. We can help now. 

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Divorce and Domestic Abuse. 

The need for Personal Protection

If you are in fear and still live with your spouse while a divorce has been filed, you need to have a plan to protect yourself and your children. You may need a restraining order so that the abuse can end and you can focus on the divorce instead of the abuse. Focusing on the abuse will force you to make a deal to get the divorce over with. Focusing on the divorce and the future will help us think positive and only resolve your case if all issues have been dealt with while you are not under duress. We can help. 

If you have an emergency, you need to call the police immediately. After you call the police or if you are able to handle the situation without the police right now, contact our office where we can discuss your situation in great detail and confidentially. When you face a life changing decision, work with a lawyer that has been there before as a litigant and an attorney that has helped countless people in difficult life changing situations. Contact us today on (201) 228-9815, until then, stay positive and make the right decisions. 

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