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Experienced Uncontested Divorce Lawyers in New Jersey

Knowing you Want a Divorce is the Easy part in a Divorce. Knowing What to Ask For or Address in the Divorce is the Hard Part.

An Uncontested Divorce Lawyer in New Jersey Can Help You Obtain a Divorce Fast

  • You can obtain a divorce in certain counties, such as Hudson County without ever going to court.  
  • You can be divorced within 30 days
  • Save you the hassle of dealing with the court and completing annoying rules and forms
  • You can file for divorce with us without ever having to come into the office.  
  • You can move on with your life quickly
  • We represent clients in every county in New Jersey
  • We offer flat fee rates for certain uncontested divorce cases or use hybrid pricing
  • Free online phone consultations and updates
  • If you have issues that are not decided, we can help you address those issues and resolve these issues in a marital settlement agreement.
  • We can calculate child support and address parenting time if you have not addressed this
  • We work well with court staff to ensure that your divorce is processed quickly
  • New Jersey Divorce Attorney Santo Artusa is experienced in uncontested and contested divorce cases
  • When completed you will obtain your gold sealed divorce judgment the same day it is signed by the Divorce Court Judge
  • Divorces are filed the same day you retain our firm
  • You can resume your maiden name and seek other relief

As a divorce lawyer in New Jersey, we can help you obtain a divorce judgment in an efficient manner that can help you reduce the stress and worry when filing for divorce.  If you have to appear before a Judge to finalize your case, we will prepare you so that you are ready to answer the basic questions Attorney Santo Artusa will ask or the Judge.

Please consider this lawyer he gets the job done! Thank you again sir for helping me.
Alexander A.
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