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With over a decade of experience representing families in New Jersey, most of the cases Attorney Santo V. Artusa, Jr., Esq. takes on are cases where the non-custodial parent is trying to obtain parenting time. In fact, he has won many cases for non-custodial parents to gain shared or significant parenting time.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Attorney Artusa, Jr. was in family court fighting for his own parental rights of parenting time and child custody. As a result, he understands the personal and legal side of parenting time. This is why there is nothing that he likes to fight for more than parenting time, especially as the non-custodial parent tends to get bullied and disrespected in court. With Attorney Artusa, Jr. on your side, that will not happen. 

Our firm is not a big firm, so you have the added advantage of working personally with a dedicated parenting time attorney from the beginning to end of your case. We will provide you the attentive and passionate representation you need to put up a persistent fight for parenting time.

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Parenting Time Arrangements

Under N.J.S.A. 9:2-4(d), a judge must order parents to attempt to negotiate their own custody and parenting time arrangement for the court’s review. This parenting plan can detail a schedule for specific dates and times the child will be with one parent and the other, as well as the particular custody arrangement, such as if the parents intend to share physical custody, in which case they should write down a schedule.

To determine the appropriateness of a parenting plan, the court will consider whether the proposal meets the child’s best interests, including the quality and continuity of their education, the stability of the home environment offered by both parents, each parent’s willingness to cooperate, and the relationship of the child with each parent and any siblings.

Note that an attorney may be particularly helpful if the other parent has dangerous behavior, such as anger issues or inability to control themselves, in which case they should be mentally evaluated by a neutral professional. Furthermore, this neutral person should write a best interests report that can be used in court where the expert will testify as to how they reached their conclusion. This report is not the final test for the court, but it will be a major consideration for the fudge in determining what should be done next. Additionally, a parent can ask that written discovery be provided or that depositions are conducted where they can question the party or potential witnesses. These tools can be extremely effective in finding the truth and catching a parent being untruthful during the court proceedings.

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Helping You Petition for Modification

Naturally, your or your child’s circumstances may change, and this could warrant a change in your parenting time arrangement. However, to request a modification of your plan from the court, you will need to show substantial evidence that such a change is necessary. An experienced attorney can better help you conduct discovery if certain issues are present in the case. For example, if one party has a history of drug use, careless behavior, addiction issues and so forth, it is important to find out if the party is still using. Our firm can pursue the case and have the person perform a hair follicle test. We can help find answers to questions like the last they relapsed, when they relapsed, and if the child saw them during that time. These answers will have a significant impact on your ability to request a change in the parenting plan.

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