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As an attorney in Jersey City-Hudson County, NJ I represent many people, property management, and corporations in Landlord Tenant Matters in the New Jersey Superior Court Hudson County Special Civil Part Landlord Tenant Part for evictions, lease agreement violations and other landlord tenant legal issues and disputes.

The majority of the time to file a case to evict a tenant in Jersey City involve: owed rent, habitual late payments, reduced rent payments and property damage. There are steps to be taken if there are other concerns by way of a notice to quit but with a tenant that is not paying the full rent or no rent at all, you ca file an eviction immediately. Our law firm handles everything from filing the initial complaint to working with the Hudson County Sheriff to lockout a tenant.

We understand that the real estate you own is a major investment and you need to pay taxes and mortgages. That being said, we know how important it is to file quickly and to stay on top of the case. We can workout payment terms for past due rent/unpaid rent, the security deposit or move to evict immediately.

So if you need to evict someone or need to fight eviction our Jersey City law office is ready to fight for your case on back rents, post and pre-COVID issues, suspended rents and the like. Contact us on (201) 228-9815.

Please consider this lawyer he gets the job done! Thank you again sir for helping me.
Alexander A.

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